Ways to Strenghten Faith

This is the EFT script I followed in our Transformational Meditation class 9/18/2012


Shared by Lauren Nicole Mills



Adapted from the book:





1. I am expectant, confident, and optimistic.


2. I keep my enthusiasm strong; I never allow myself to be discouraged or depressed.


3. I charge my mind with interest, enthusiasm, ambition.


4. I keep my ambition and aspiration high; I cultivate patience and perseverance.


5. I keep my imagination centered in what I want and keep my faith moving toward it.


6. I keep my consciousness expanding, growing and moving to higher levels.


7. I am positive in my thought, feeling, and action.


8. I accentuate the positive in every situation. I never allow myself to dwell upon misery, sickness, operations, symptoms, reverses, misfortunes or bad luck.


9. I never depreciate, criticize, minimize or speak disparagingly of myself. I never dwell upon my mistakes. I think always of myself as growing, expanding and becoming more efficient, resource-ful and dynamic.


10. I look for the good in everything and everybody. I refuse to recognize anything but the good.


11. I seek the best of everything and I know that my mind will produce it.


12. I think in large terms. The more I expect, the more my faith will bring to me.


13. I convince my mind that what I seek is already here, that it is mine now.


14. I train my mind to think in terms of abundance; I never allow it to dwell upon lack or limitation in any form.


15. I stimulate my faculties and talents by increasing my demands upon them.


16. When I meet trouble of any kind, I refuse to be worried or disturbed by it. I know that I am bigger than any adverse thing hat happens to me and I have the power to overcome it.


17. I meet every problem with the conviction that it is already solved. I see it as an opportunity to prove God.


18. I face every difficulty with courage, strength, and fortitude; I am determined to turn it to good account.


19. I know that I have the power to adjust anything, change any-thing, correct anything, overcome anything, or subdue anything.


20. I act always with the Truth; and never allow myself to compromise with evil. If the Truth is to make me free, I must rely

upon it. I must pass from belief to trust.


21. I believe the unbelievable. God goes all out for me when I go all out for God.

 “Even though I have this (insert your issue), I deeply love and accept myself.”