Omadawn Wellness Center has moved

Omadawn Wellness Center is currently in transition. It now has a new name…The Ayurveda Center for Natural Wellness. Where it will open its new doors remains to be seen, although we do have a few ideas brewing… We are looking forward to a bright future, so stay tuned!!
Summer 2011

Happy to announce that after years of friendship I am now working with a dear friend Dr. Jack Ebner at his wellness center located in Seal Beach California. Omadawn Wellness Center has a special place in my heart, not only is it located in my hometown, it is also the first yoga studio I ever attended! My studies have taken me wide and far, but I am now back where it all began committed to making a difference. It is an honor to share my services at Omadawn Wellness Center, I hope you come and visit us! We have a great yoga studio, community and life transforming services to offer. Please sign up for my newsletter which is a work in progress and I will continue to update you on what’s up with us!! ~Sat Nam!